With a creative and consultative approach, combined with a “yes we can” attitude, Applebox Production Co. is a full service team that works with people who desire 1st-Class productions...no matter the size or budget.

Operating in foggy SF & sunny LA, we are your relationship managers, team-builders, and logistics masters. We know how to dazzle your clients. Spoiler alert, you will look good!

Our Approach:

Solid & Strong- We produce a flawless production every time. We put together a solid, A-team crew. Our method of presenting creative options & solutions wins hearts and minds. We always come in under budget and hit every deadline. But you expect that anyway! 

Organic, Down-to-Earth & Resourceful- This applies to our attitude. Yes, we can! We will find a way! We are problem-solvers but even more importantly…we are always gracious, optimistic, and positive. Our team and our client are embraced with the utmost respect. Every shoot is treated as if it were the most important of our career. 

Stylish & Fun-  OK, we have to be honest…..we are super fun to work with! Our warm, friendly, and sincere approach to production goes a long way. And why can't production be sexy?? Offering graphic-designed production books, stylish client lounges, delicious high-end catering, concierge services for your clients, and a little something extra that they will remember.
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